Saturday, August 10, 2013

Another Step Closer!

Back in March, Andy Banfield met with the code enforcement officer of Adams Township to clarify rights of way measurements so that he could adjust the layout of the site to reduce flooding impact. A parking analysis and some sort of storm water management plan still needed to be done, which Andy worked on. A sketch plan was accepted and presented to the Adams Township planning commission.

Meanwhile, we selected Larry Renninger, who is the owner of L.C. Renninger Group in Beaver, and has extensive experience in metal building construction (he even worked on part of RMUISC) to be our building designer. The building committee showed him our plans and estimates, and he confirmed that our estimated costs are accurate. He drew up an initial design package for us and it was presented for the committee’s review. He confirmed that he would be willing to work with us on a “sweat equity” basis to help us keep our building costs low.

As of August 7th, an important milestone was reached: Andy Banfield presented the building plan to the Adams Township Planning Commission, and we received Plan Approval. They would like some more landscaping at the front of the building and they would also like us to enter in an agreement to pave the parking lot within 24 months of opening for business. This is projected to save us a lot of upfront cost. Next up will be Supervisors’ approval, and then we are good to go forward with construction as far as the township is concerned!

The next crucial step of the building committee is fundraising. Members of the committee have been working hard developing various strategies to realize our goal. We are working on ways to interest financial institutions, write grant proposals, and seek out corporate funds. Any and all ideas are welcome!

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