Sunday, October 6, 2013

PCC Receives a Grant!

The Pittsburgh Curling Club has received notice that it will obtain funding in the amount of $4,000 from the USCA Darwin Curtis Grant Program. The USCA was selected to administer the Darwin Curtis Fund Grant Program on behalf of The Chicago Community Trust for 2013-2014. The Darwin Curtis Fund was established to “support and encourage participation by the general public in the sport of curling.”

 This grant covers 50% of the the fee for detailed engineering drawings needed for our new dedicated curling facility. Steve Buffington, Martha Reicks, Brian Stuart, and Jacki Temple worked in both 2012 and 2013 to put together application packages. Although we were not selected to receive the grant in 2012, the original application was modified and submitted again this year, requesting funds to be used specifically for engineering work. An incredible amount of effort went into this process, and it really paid off.

Many thanks go the USCA Darwin Curtis Grant Program and our hardworking club members for everything!

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